Welcome to Misrule on WordPress

Hello and welcome to the brand new platform for the Misrule blog. If you have travelled over from the old site at misrule.com.au/s9y , thanks for making the move. If you’ve come across this as a new site, well, thanks for dropping by.

The history is, this is the third incarnation of the Misrule blog, which was previously hosted by two different versions of the Serendipity blogging platform. The original few years of posts had to be taken down after a disastrous comment spamming incident that saw thousands of spam comments arriving on the blog every day. A new version of Serendipity was then installed, which has served me well for many years, but it’s really not up to speed any more. It’s become almost impossible to format, and if I want to move text in from, for example, Word, well, forget it.

So here we are. As you might see from the menu, I am planning on adding pages to publish the many articles, interviews and review I have written over the years, so this site will also very soon supersede the very hand-made root website at misrule.com.au

Things will also change, as I plan to find a fancier theme for the site, and will be working with my friend Donna Rawlins on design. Well, she’ll be working on the design, I’ll be making noises as if I know what I’m talking about and refilling her wine glass.

And I also have plans to revitalise the blog, beginning by publishing an occasional series of interviews with writers about their craft. The first, with John Larkin, is almost ready to upload. I’ll be publishing those on the blog, rather than with the previously published interviews, which you’ll find under the “Interviews” link on the menu bar.

I’m also considering adding BuddyPress, a plugin that apparently acts as a mini social-networking site on your blog, but I need to look into it more. I don’t particularly want people to feel as if they have to sign up to yet another social networking site, but if it looks like a useful way for children’s and youth lit people to connect across WordPress sites, it might be worth doing. If anyone has any experience with it, please let me know.

So, here we are! Let the fun begin!