Let the games begin!

No, no, no, not those games! The Kill Your Darlings Great Aussie YA Championship has begun!

I mentioned the Championship a few days ago, and now the list of 11 great YA books from the past 30 years has been announced. The posts will begin on Monday, and you can vote for your favourite of the contributor’s books (pick me! pick me!) plus they will also be running a people’s choice competition, where you can vote for whatever book you like.

As you will see from the list, I chose to write about Joanne Horniman‘s 1997 novel Loving Athena. I have been a fan of Joanne’s novels forever, and I was really pleased to have the opportunity to revisit this gorgeous book. I’m not sure when my post will be up, but you can RSS feed the Killings blog, or subscribe to their mailing list for updates.

And while you’re at the blog, check out the recent post What does YA mean to you? A discussion about definition. And don’t forget to leave a comment and contribute to this question, and the whole Championship discussion!

4 thoughts on “Let the games begin!

    • I think it is, Joanne! I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about lesser-known books, and Loving Athena is one of my all-time favourites. The others I’d like to have written about were Killing Aurora and Borrowed Light. Maybe I’ll do a retrospective here!

  1. Hi Judith,

    Hope all is well with you, good to see you’re still blogging! Sorry to comment here, but didn’t see a “contact” link for general comments.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’ve started a author page for Tohby on Facebook:

    Just trying to get the word out about his new book “Unforgotten” which comes out 1st September (which, as it is aimed at 12+ could be considered YA! ) and have a place where people can keep up with Tohby news.

    Feel free to drop by and have a look when you get a moment! Could you extend this invite to Jonathan and any of the other School Mag pals please, or anyone who might be interested. Hope all is well with you Judith.



    • Hey Sally! Good to hear from you. More than happy to help get the word out. I’ve read “Unforgotten” and I think it’s quite extraordinary. I’ve just liked Tohby’s FB page from my own and from WestWords. And I’ll blurb it about the place!



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