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  1. Hi Judith
    I’ve been looking through some old photos lately and would love to get back in touch with your big sister Linda – a friend from Katoomba days. Can you pass on my email address to her?

  2. Both the emails I’ve found for you send me back a failed delivery message. You were kind enough to interview me back in 2003 and I am deeply indebted to you for the nice things you have said about my work. My latest book, which will be published in early October, is set in Australia and will be on sale there, too. So I wondered if I should ask my publishers (Usborne) to send you a copy (if they haven’t done already), in the hope that you will enjoy it, despite my shortcomings in failing to be an Australian author.

    I hope life continues to be good to you and that your work brings you the same pleasure it always did.

    Love and best regards


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